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Contribution to the Circular Economy from Toyo Printing Inks

2022-03-30 14:42:34


Contribution to the Circular Economy from Toyo Printing Inks

The LP-9000 Ink Series, Produced by GMP Standards, Was Awarded the INGEDE Certificat.

The new sheet-fed offset ink series LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/ LM, which is produced by Toyo Printing Inks, a subsidiary of Japan-based Toyo Ink Group as one of the world's largest ink manufacturers, by EuPIA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and which can be applied on the outer surfaces of paper and cardboard food packaging materials and has a low odor and migration properties earned full points as a result of the deinking test and was awarded the INGEDE (International Association of the Deinking Industry) Certificate.

Adopting the motto "For A Vibrant World", Toyo Printing Inks, aiming to stand out with its innovative technologies in all areas of life, last year developed and marketed the new ink series LP- 9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/ LM, which can be used in food and medicine, paper or cardboard packaging, at its R&D Center in Manisa to contribute to food safety and the protection of human and environmental health.

Also, LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/LM Ink Series, which meets all regulations within the scope of Swiss Regulation and EuPIA Principles and has an ISEGA Certificate passed the deinking tests with a hundred percent success (score ERPC, INGEDE Method 11: 100/100) and received the INGEDE Certificate recently.

The LP-9000 Ink Series, designed with CMYK, Pantone and 12 special spot colors, with excellent ink removal, non-drying, vegetable-based and edible raw materials contribute to both the environment and sustainable resource efficiency and circular economy with the INGEDE Certificate has received.

Toyo Printing Inks Offset Inks R&D Team Leader Melis Türkyener Çelebi said: “The deinking process of the ink is a key step in the production of recycled paper. At the same time, recycled fibers for the paper, printing, and packaging industries are one of the important raw materials of the industry that support resource efficiency in the study of circular economy and environmental impact reduction. For this purpose, the choice of ink used in printed papers is also very critical to obtain recycled fiber. We are very happy that the LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/LM Ink Series, which we designed based on the needs of the market, showed excellent ink removal properties as a result of the deinking test carried out by INDEGE and contributed to sustainability.”